Preaching the Gospel in Uganda Guatemala Haiti Papua New Guinea Vanuatu Israel Liberia Philippines

Rodney and Belinda Henderson

International Mission Center is an organization created to launch missionaries and fulfill the great commission. IMC also has a deep passion to birth simple churches that will, in turn, birth and multiply churches.  For over 5 years, IMC has provided covering for ministries on 4 continents and many churches have been encouraged and strengthen through our leadership.

In December of 2014, IMC, along with the FDM network, began the plant of a simple church in the North Pinellas County of Florida. The heart of the church is to encourage a simple, vibrant, Wesleyan congregation that will bring witness to Christ and His Glory. This church is led by Pastor Rodney and Belinda Henderson. They were ministering in Kansas City with International House of Prayer previous to hearing God's call that brought them to Florida. Currently, the church is still in the birthing process and meeting in small groups inside of homes. We are patiently waiting to further hear God's timing and identity of this church. We would love for you to join us in this exciting time of laying the foundation for a new, life-giving church. If you would like to be involved in the development of this church or to join a current small group, please contact Rodney Henderson for meeting times and location.

April Harper

After a time of prayer, God revealed to me a plan to pioneer labs throughout the world with the desire to see areas of scientific discovery to meet local needs. This collective of discovery centers (labs) would create the ELON Research Institute which is founded on the intent of impacting the sphere of Science through biblical approaches to research and innovation. In February of 2015, I traveled to the Gulf province of Papua New Guinea to open medical lab at a rural jungle hospital (Kikori) to train local community health care workers, nurses and doctors to diagnose and treat disease such as tuberculosis and malaria. In August 2015, a second location opened in the Gulf province of Papua New Guinea in the rural hospital (Kapuna) to do the same as Kikori Hospital. In February 2016, a third location opened on the YWAM PNG then in April 2017 I had the privilege to hand over the lab to a full time YWAMer serving with YWAM Townsville.


Currently we are building a Regional Training Medical Center at the Family Care Center in Efate, Vanuatu with a lab. The hope is to open this new training center in July with a diagnostic lab training course beginning in August. The purpose behind the course is to train locals to then be able to return to their homes and continue serving their communities with their new skills. Though the labs in operation today and those in construction are geared to medical research and disease diagnoses, the discovery centers (labs) for the ELON Research Institute are to be accessible for all areas of science. Some areas would include water purification issues, bio gas effluent, and alternate sources of energy.

Brinson Barker

LifeBridge Missions is an evangelistic equipping ministry that partners and serves the body of Christ stateside and abroad.  We are a relational ministry that is passionate about mobilizing the church to reach their world. We do this through relational partnerships.  The Lord has blessed this ministry with rich relationships with leaders from around the world.  We are committed to build long term relational bridges with indigenous pastors and leaders to help them further advance the gospel in their city and nation. Our stateside ministry is also centered around relational partnerships. We deeply value the friendships we have with pastors and leaders from different churches and denominations.

We are involved in leadership in different capacities from our local church to local church networks.  We will be equipping the body of Christ through church meetings, conferences, retreats, discipleship, evangelistic outreaches, missionary and evangelism training [read more]. We are serving the global church through providing resources, pastoral/leadership conferences, services, evangelism training and outreaches, and evangelistic campaigns.  At times, I will be partnering with my friend, Bill Otten of Lifeline International, to accomplish this vision.  

Chrissie Shaheen Forsman

The TENT Inc is a group of ministries dedicated to bringing all of God's people into the love, fellowship, redemption and reconciliation found within His tent. The TENT grew out of His Palace Ministries which was begun by Chrissie Shaheen in 1998: "I met Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia and ten years later He allowed me to serve Him in Jerusalem. It was during this mission that I was called into a ministry of healing and reconciliation by building relationships, and encouraging Christian women throughout Israel and the West Bank. While working in this ministry, the Lord gave me the vision of establishing ministry homes for women which now has become a reality...dedicated to providing refreshment, restoration and renewal for women." 

In the Fall of 2010, The TENT opened its first women's center in east Jerusalem. Within this women's center, called The Oasis (or Al Wahaa in Arabic), is the Cup of Joy coffee shop. The Oasis and Cup of Joy provide a special place for women to enjoy freedom, love and fellowship. Chrissie and her team provide classes, counseling, friendship and even "salon days" where women can be pampered and taught how beautiful and loved they are. The Oasis has been so well-received, that the ministry has been asked to open women's centers in other cities, primarily in the West Bank/Palestine.